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    If there's one hard economic truth, it's this: monopolies lead to higher prices.

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    The Southeastern EV Readiness Conference held in Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina heralded the release of the Southeast EV Readiness Read More
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    In March 2010, in response to solicitations by leading automotive manufacturers seeking markets for the new generation of electric passenger Read More
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Understanding how the role of EVs will fit into a larger picture of the nation's transportation and energy security can be a bit challenging. It's such a big picture. Thankfully, an infographic explaining how it all fits in together can make it much more easier to understand.

This is image was created by GE to explain how it will all work. As you can see it's quite an extensive influence from micro to macro levels.

Click here to view the image.

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Clean Cities-Atlanta and the City of Atlanta's Division of Sustainability congratulate you for your interest in acquiring an EV. We believe EVs are an important part of the solution to improve air quality in the metropolitan area and to increased energy independence.

To ensure that you and future owners of EV's are able to drive to the destinations of your choice just as easily as gas powered vehicle owners can today, Atlanta is developing a plan to outline its EV infrastructure requirements. To be successful, we need your assistance to identify the need for charging stations in Atlanta.

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There are a lot of reasons to get an Electric Vehicle and many of them are not what most people would consider "environmental". Don't get us wrong there are plenty of those reasons but the top three reasons you might find surprising:

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Clean Cities Coalition

iconBuilding Partnerships to Reduce Petroleum Use in Transportation.

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EV charging station

EV Charging StationDepartment of Energy's Alternative Fuels Database Locator.

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What's the operating cost?

Compare a gas car vs. an Electric Vehicle. Most everyone would save money.

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Want to join other EV enthusiasts?

icon EV Club of The South is for EV drivers and others interested in electric vehicles.

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Get Educated

Electric Vehicle Education Program is basic overview of EV technology.

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It works!

iconSee the success of the program since it's inception. It's great to see the progress.

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