The Economics of EVs

Industries effected by the EV Economy

Avoided Cost Exports



Description Measurement   Reference
Annual Gas Sales in GA (2010) 4,521,000,000 gallons
Average Price/Gal (+Tax) 3.701 $/gal
Fuel Tax/Gal 0.292 $
Gross Annual Gas Sales 16,732,221,000 $  
Annual Fuel Tax Revenue 1,320,132,000 $  
Net Gas Sales after Fuel Tax 15,412,089,000    
% Net sales remaining in GA 10 %  
$'s remaining in the GA 1,541,208,900 $  
$ leaving GA 13,870,880,100 $  
$ leaving GA per vehicle -1,411 $  
Distance Drive Annually by Gas in GA (2009) 109,258,000,000 miles
Number of Vehicles in GA 9,828,895    
VMT per Capita in GA - ICE (2009) 11,116
VMT per Capita in GA - EV 9,937   Demand Forecast Report, SCIES
% of miles replaced by EVs 1 %  
Distance Driven Annually by EVs 1,092,580,000    
Number of EVs on the Road 109,951 Electric Vehicles  
Avg EV Miles/kWh 3.5 miles/kWh Georgia Power
Total Energy used by Evs 312,165,714 kWh  
Avg Price/kWh* 0.11 $/kWh Georgia Power
Gross Annual kWh sales for Evs 34,338,229 $  
% of sales that go back to GA's economy 60 % Georgia Power
kWh sales remaining in GA 20,602,937 $  
$s not spent on gas and fuel tax 167,322,210 $  
Total Annual + for GA economy 153,586,919 $  
Total Dollars kept Annually in GA per EV purchased 1,397    
*Assume: 80% charging at home (night) and 20% at work (day)    

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